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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food for thought.

I am constantly amazed whenever I spend time in a barn. (that happens often by the way) It is the rare moment in a barn that all the horses are not chewing, or looking for something to chew on. Rustle the hay on your way by and every horse pops his head out of the stall door and nickers. Pick up a bucket and put it down again and the sound just makes their head spin on a swivel. Pull a treat out of a pocket and hand feed it to any of them, and they will never look at that pocket the same again. In fact you could say that with the sole exception being the obvious distractions that occur during breeding season, there is NOTHING more important to a horse than having something in the digestion process.

Well think about this. Horses are made that way for a reason. Most horses weigh over 600 pounds (many of them over 1,000 pounds) and expend tremendous energy just to get from point A to point B. They are full of muscle and it is well known that muscle burns more energy than fat. They rarely lay down and really rest, and they spend an hour or two a day carting around big two legged animals. They are not carnivores so the vast amounts of energy in meats of all kinds are never available to them. Grass is notoriously calorie poor. Is it any wonder that the raison d'etre for the equine is to eat everything in sight?

This makes me wonder. Exactly what is it that the human animal needs above all else to be successful and fulfill the purpose for which we were created? What need do we have that trumps all others? If we were truly in touch with this need, could we be wildly successful and have a more fulfilling life?

I think the answer is, yes. I will let you ponder about just what that might be for the human animal; I have some ideas but I am interested in yours. Please take a minute to post a comment and leave us with your thoughts. I will weigh in on my next post.  

Remember that not only am I the blacksmith, but you are the blacksmith too. The force for creation and change in your own life.


  1. LOVE. Pure and simple. When reading accounts of those individuals who's spirit have left their mortal bodies and then returned, they overwhelming talk about the LOVE that they felt and many did not want to leave that feeling and return to their mortal bodies. Love creates change and heals hearts. There is amazing power in what we call LOVE.

  2. Thanks for your comment Nita. Love is a big subject. I am sure that you are right that somehow the answer is tied up in Love. What form does love take? The pure love of Christ ? Self Love? Romantic love? A combination of them all? I will give this some thought.